was poised to be
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They didn't make it

#Screamers Film Festivals

“#Screamers is maybe the best found footage movie we've ever seen." – Nightmares Film Festival

“This one comes as an enormous surprise, and it’s a welcomed enormous surprise, for sure. I enjoyed the hell out #Screamers, and I’m hoping a larger audience sees this one soon, as it’s more than worth a look, it’s perfectly chilling and strikes all the right chords, creating a near-flawless viewing experience that genre fans are going to be excited about.” – Addicted to HorrorMovies

“Amazingly, #Screamers completely sells the façade. And just so you know how expert and smooth this acting ensemble is, here’s an appropriate anecdote. Even though I was floored by all that was The Blair Witch Project – even on my first viewing before all the hype and before I knew anything about the film – I had two fleeting doubts about performer moments in that landmark picture. Like a sore thumb, they stuck out as forced and inauthentic. In #Screamers, there were none. In my estimation (and with my initial joy and now everlasting love for The Blair Witch Project), that’s quite a recommendation.” – HorrorFreak News

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